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People are the key to success.


"Digital transformations are initiated by people in order to generate benefits for people."

Bernhard Nitz

A reliable partner for your journey into the digital age. 

Digitization is omnipresent. Almost every day we see new achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. People have new demands on their working environment and customers show a changed user behavior. If you ask people about their image of the future, completely different images and ideas emerge. Some are confident about a technological utopia, while others fearfully believe in the image of a dystopia or even secretly dream of a world in which everything will become simpler, more analogue and more "human" again. These tendencies can often also be found in the organizations, sometimes deep rifts form in the organizations and a lot of energy is invested in defending one's own position or fighting the other.


In addition to all its challenges, digitization offers immense opportunities and potential. The development of new business areas, the design fullynew products and services or the use of new tools or the digital handling of processes in order to make the existing more efficient and better.


We lay in our deliberationsattaches great importance to comprehensive orientation, mutual listening and the development of empathy for other positions. Ultimately, this can result in clear images of the future that can serve as orientation and thus offer the opportunity for more clarity in the Leadership and the development of personal responsibility among managers and employees. Through our focus on people and their complexity, we reduce the risks of digital transformation, increase the willingness of employees and the effectiveness of managers.

What is your stance on digital transformation? What potential can be helpful in overcoming the upcoming challenges?

We can do it together - no one should have to fight their way through the digital transformation alone, whether they are entrepreneurs or managers

transformind begins where many find it difficult, namely with people. Our methods are not only innovation and management methods, agile processes and simplified step-by-step instructions. Based on our experience, we are firmly convinced that people are the key success factor in any transformation. We therefore combine elements from systemic coaching and organizational consulting with approaches from agile methods, lean or design thinking. We bring many years of experience from digitization projects, digital transformations and agile transformations. We know a wide variety of roles and perspectives on digital transformations  from our own experience and therefore know what it means to stand up as an entrepreneur with your own capital, as a manager to meet the demands from above and below or as an implementer to master the entire technical complexity in a focused and competent manner must.We

Many ways lead to the goal. transformind can help you to find and walk your way in digitization. 

What are your challenges in the digital transformation?

​Many questions that companies have before or during a digital transformation are similar. Nevertheless, every organization has its own individual starting point, with individual challenges and objectives. We have put together the most frequently asked questions for you to reflect on. 


Free online service

Our free online service assesses your organization from different perspectives.
It will take approx. 10 minutes of your time.

Our Online-Service is available in it's beta version and we are constantly testing and improving it. Availability and user experience may be limited sometimes. We thank you for your understanding. 

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